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Restoring a wetland requires dedication. Ideally, seven key players plan and work together to make this complex undertaking a success on the ground.

  1. #GenerationRestoration

Enthusiastic individuals support wetland restoration with their own choices, voices, actions, and by getting involved in local initiatives.

A well restored wetland can provide many of the services performed by the original natural wetland. Here are seven ways restored wetlands can bene­fit us directly:

  1. Revive Biodiversity

40% of the world’s species live or breed in wetlands. Restoring wetlands powers the local food chain and attracts wildlife.

Fully re-creating the benefits of a natural wetland may take time, but with restoration many harmful effects of degradation can be reversed. Successful wetland restoration projects can do the following:

  1. Restore Multiple Benefits

A natural wetland provides a multitude of services. Take a holistic view in restoration, recapturing many benefits, not just one or two.

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