Electric Adult Bike Hire

Rediscover cycling for the young at heart!



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March - October


Electric Adult Bikes Electric Adult Bikes

Electric Adult Bike Hire

"Rediscover Cycling for the young at heart"

Discover the beauty of Tralee and the Wetlands on 2 wheels. Rediscover Cycling offers bicycle hire for the young at heart from the centre of Tralee. Hire an E-Bike or a comfort bicycle and see what you can discover. Our reception team will be happy to identify possible routes that may be of interest to you. 

When you get back from your trip why not visit our Lakeside Cafe for a coffee and pastry? 

General hire is available daily from March to October. Times available are from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Bike hire is seasonal. Participants cycle at their own risk. Please ensure the bike is back at the Wetlands before 5 pm. You will be required to hand in a Form of Identification during the duration of hire.

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Electric Bikes at Tralee Bay Wetlands Electric Bikes at Tralee Bay Wetlands

Electric Bike Hire - What's Included

What's included?

  • An option to choose from 4 Bikes
  • Helmets provied
  • Bag on bike to inlcude your belongings on your trip
  • Wetlands Team will make sure that your fitted correctly seat and helmet.
Electric Bikes at Tralee Bay Wetlands Electric Bikes at Tralee Bay Wetlands

Electric Bike Hire - Health & Safety

  • Adults only bikes
  • Participants cycle at their own risk
  • Customers shall not ride in a manner that endangers themselves, any other users of the Park or any animals in the Park
  • No dogs shall be led from, carried or tied to any of the bikes hired under the booking
  • No bikes will be hired to any Customers under the influence of alcohol or drugs

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Any Questions?

How do I book / reserve adult bike hire?

Telephone: 066 7126700 | Email: info@traleebaywetlands.org   
Visit Reception Desk at: Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre, Ballyard, Tralee

Do I get back Deposit?

Helemet is included In Bike Hire Price. A deposit is required for the bicycle lock together with proof of ID, copy made. Deposit is redeemed upon return of lock. 

Is instruction provided for E-Bike Hire?

Yes, a member of the team will provide instruction on how to use the Bikes prior to take off.

What if the E Battery dies or is exhausted?

Bike Batteries are charged each evening. This is most unlikely to happen. 

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