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The exercise area is provided for persons of 14 years or over and adults or people taller than 140cm. Exercise, fresh air and the great outdoors are a universal formula for feeling good both inside and out. Tralee Bay Wetlands Eco & Activity Park has created a unique invigorating exercising area surrounded by nature. Each of the 5 stations offers a specific exercise for a specific muscle group with a recommended number of repetitions.

Please note: The exercise area is provided for persons of 14 years or over and adults or people taller than 140cm.

  You are responsible for your safety so sanitise all the equipment before and after use

The 5 stations include:

Free Runner/Sky Walker Station

Free Runner trains your lower body with an even muscle resistance of no impact. By simulating a running experience familiar to most, the free runner does not require prior learning. Instead, you can immediately step up and start running at an intensity of your own personal preference. By using free runner, users will engage in an aerobic workout with no resistance that can help them maintain a higher level of overall health and fitness. 

Sit-Up /Abs Bench

The Sit-Up Bench provides a comfortable place for people to perform a classic exercise to the fullest. A supporting bar at the top allows you to maintain an optimal position throughout the exercise. Using the Sit-Up Bench will strengthen the abdominal area by improving muscle endurance and strength. Users can develop their posture and help to prevent back problems. 

Flex Wheel

The Flex Wheel is simple to use and requires little experience beforehand. The turning movement has a mild resistance suitable for users at all levels. It furthermore improves your oblique strength and develops better shoulder mobility. By improving the torso strength and mobility, the flex wheel improves the users’ posture and flexibility. 

Waist Extension/Swinger Station

The Waist Extension increases waist flexibility while strengthening abdominal muscles and exercising arm and shoulder muscles. Rotation can be used for rotational flexibility of the torso and for lower limb balance and control standing on one or two feet.

Exercise bike 

The exercise bike gives a more traditional fitness workout where the legs are doing most of the work. The cardio bikes are developed to provides a medium intensity aerobic workout, toning and exercising all lower body muscles. The bike is all about comfort; the entry is extremely low and the frame provides an upright riding style with a wide seat.

Project Acknowledgement:
A local Community Group (Team Bramble) secured funding through the community enhancement program and worked in conjunction with Kerry County Council to develop an outdoor exercise area for the public. 

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