Pond Dipping

Get fully immersed in nature



per person


30 Minutes


Under 18 years
must be supervised


March - October


Viewing Tower with Guide Viewing Tower with Guide

Pond Dipping

Ponds are amazing habitats that are sometimes overlooked. Underneath their calm surface a rich and complex habitat thrives, from the oxygenating plants to the fish, frogs newts and many  enigmatic insects. 
Some of the animals that live in them have two stages in their lifecycle. The first is their larval stage, which they spend in the pond and the adult stage is when they grow wings and fly to new ponds to lay eggs.
Pond dipping is an easy way to entertain yourself and your kids. Introducing them to this vital biodiversity and the simple joy of getting up close to animals and watching them swim around your tray. 

Please note all creatures are returned back into the water ponds after demonstration and viewing.


Pond Dipping Tour at Tralee Bay Wetlands Pond Dipping Tour at Tralee Bay Wetlands

Pond Dipping - What's Included

What's included?

  • Minimum age 4 years
  • One adult per participating child for this activity
  • Life Jackets are fitted and provided
  • A sweep net is provided
  • A collection tray
  • A facilitator to help identify the creatures and teach you about them
Pond Dipping Tour at Tralee Bay Wetlands Pond Dipping Tour at Tralee Bay Wetlands

Pond Dipping - Important Information

  • All animals are returned to the pond after this activity.
  • Pond dipping is a safe activity, but it is important to listen to the Guides instruction for your own safety and the safety of the animals 
  • It is also important to realise that what species you encounter on this tour are effected by the weather and season
  • It is recommended to bring rain gear and sun protection, this close to the Atlantic on the West coast of Ireland you could need both on the same tour.

What Our Visitors Say

  • Email Review from Tralee Bay Wetlands


    This centre is really aimed at families looking for a day out. The front pool is so fun for paddling boats and they even have pond dipping in the Wetlands. They family really enjoyed the pond dipping with our guide. We got to see some small bugs that live in the water.

    Review from Email correspondence
    July 2021

Any Questions?

Is the Wild Wetlands Nature Area accessible for people with disabilities?

Tralee Bay Wetlands Eco & Activity Park strives to be accessible & an enjoyable experience and attraction to all. Only guide dogs and assistance animals are allowed within the nature reserve. The area to the 20metre viewing tower has a tarmacadam pathway and is suitable for wheelchair users. The Tower has an elevator. 

Do we get a net when pond dipping?

Yes, we provide a sweep net along with a collection tray. Also Life Jackets are fitted and provided by the Wetlands Team.

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