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Promoting and raising awareness of biodiversity and natural heritage of the area

Tralee Bay Wetlands Eco & Activity Park is an environmental education centre set just at the edge of Tralee Town adjacent to an 11-acre wetland with bird hides, boardwalks and a 20-metre tall viewing tower. Since our opening in 2012, we have been delivering quality outdoor, hands-on education programmes to children of all ages on a wide variety of environmental and conservation topics. 

Contact Reception on 066 7126700 or use our contact form for further information or to book. 

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A Nature Day A Nature Day

A Nature Day

During this course your pupils will get to explore a range of wildlife-based activities from pond dipping to how wetlands support healthy lives. This is a full day of fun that combines hands on activities mixed with light education. Your pupils will search our marsh for frogs and get to hold some of our furry friends.

  Price: €8 Per Student
  Time: 3 Hours
  Open: All Year
Mini-Beasts! Mini-Beasts!


Discover what little creatures lurk beneath the water, under rocks and in our trees! Your students will catch and release these fascinating animals. They will learn how to identify these small creatures and study what makes them special and explore how they fit into their habitat.

  Price: €5 Per Student
  Time: 1.5 Hours
  Open: Apr - Oct
Wonderful Trees Wonderful Trees

Wonderful Trees

Students will meet a variety of native Irish trees and learn to identify them through interactive experiences, looking at their leaves, bark, and winter buds. Students will get to plant a variety of native plants and the cost of trees are included in the price.

  Price: €6.50 Per Student
  Time: 1.5 Hours
  Open: All Year
Pollinator Days Pollinator Days

Pollinator Days

Your pupils will examine the relationship between pollinators and the health of ecosystems. How your students can help our pollinators and identify what pollinators are visiting your area. Discover how plants get pollinated and bring your own native flowers home. This is an excellent preliminary course, giving students the foundations to build their own pollinator friendly gardens at home, at your school or in their community.

  Price: €6 Per Student
  Time: 2 Hours
  Open: All Year
Water Conservation and Wetlands Water Conservation and Wetlands

Water Conservation and Wetlands

Ideal for schools going for their Water Green Flag, this session focusses on where our water comes from, the water cycle, and how the conservation of water is becoming more and more important with climate change and the increasing human population. We will discuss the different ways we use water, how we waste it and how we might save it, as well as how something as familiar as the bog behind your school is vital for protecting our water for the future. A trip to the centre will also involve a hands-on visit to the wetland here, but this session is equally suitable for a classroom visit, especially if you have a bit of bogland nearby!

  Price: €5 Per Student

  Duration:  1.5 Hours

Waste and Wildlife Waste and Wildlife

Waste and Wildlife

Explore the lifecycle, from extraction to disposal, of the everyday products that we use and discuss their effects on wildlife and their ecosystems. Students will learn what everyday products can be recycled and what cannot. Students will learn how to make more informed decisions regarding their purchases and better consider how their day-to-day decisions effect the wider environment.

  Price: €9 Per Student
  Time: 1.5 Hours
  Open: All Year
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