Discover Our Wetlands

From freshwater swamps and reedbeds to saltmarsh and mudflats

Our Nature Board Walk allows you to get into our marsh without you wellies. Marsh habitats are important for birds as it allows them to see predators coming and also because of the abundance of insects to be found. Marshes also hold water when it rains and stops that water from flooding into the river providing an ecosystem service for all of us.

It offers a bug's eye view of of the plants, insects and smaller mammals the Wetlands Reserve has to offer. Wetlands are a critical part of our Natural Environment. They provide a myriad of plants and animals with shelter and protection. They also play a vital role in the protection of our towns, villages from excessive flooding. They help to improve our water quality by extracting pollutants and the plants that live here help in the storing of carbon from the atmosphere!

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