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'So marvellous is the landscape that I couldn't even call it a landscape. It is a continuous manifestation of wonder' - John Moriarty

It is known that Walking in Nature really does help the mind and the body. So why not come down to the Tralee Bay Wetlands Eco & Activity Park an immerse yourself in Nature. Remember for your own safety and the safety of all practice social distancing at all time. Home to many wonderful species that inhabit our Nature Reserve. Switch off from the busy noises of the Town and stroll your way through our Activity Lake Walk where the Sounds of the Lake, Laughter and the Salted Scent of the Wild Atlantic Ocean will surround you. You will see and hear the different breeds of seagulls coming in to shelter from the weather out on the Wild Atlantic.

Early Morning if there is a storm you will see Oyster Catchers taking sanctuary and enjoying a worm or two while they wait with us safely until the storm disperses. You will see our Mute Swans - Fiachra and Fionnula who move from the front lakes to the inner Wetland Sanctuary many times during the day. Witnessing their flight is an awesome sight and seeing them land is wonderous. Our Mallards love this lake though they also often prefer the inner wetlands, especially at busy times. You will see them sometimes in large groups flying up and down the canal, calling into us to enjoy the lakes. If you hear a loud buzzing noise overhead look up, it's more than likely one of our Amazing Dragonflies! Another most wonderful sound, usually early morning is the Curlew's cry as she flies over, this rare bird is a special sight to look out for.

Hidden amongst the reeds and rarely seen as she hears every sound is our Moorhens, they are so lovely and will vanish into reeds before your eyes, leaving you wondering if you actually imagined it, but they are there living quietly both on the front lakes and also in the Sanctuary. If you take a morning Nature Tour with one of our Ecologists you may be blessed (but only if you are very quiet) to see some! Our Herons are a spectacular sight especially Hagan who minds us all, quietly watching over all we do. 

The Activity Lake has many different paths to choose from whether it be a short walk around the smaller lake at the entrance or the longer walk around the beautiful Activity Lake. Nature’s tranquillity is at your feet. This walk will definitely take your mind off any worries or woes, it will fill you with a sense of wonder and peace. Feel free to go off-roading through our wild grass area and watch our newly planted woods in that area burst into life over the coming years. Sit for a while with Slieve Mish and Mount Brandon watching over you and the sounds of the Bay soothing you, nature will provide you with that natural Mindfulness moment that will sustain you for the rest of your day. To learn more about all the Flora and Fauna, Birds, Bees and Bugs of our area and our County why not book a Nature Tour with our amazing staff.


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